Saturday, April 12, 2014

She found and lost her life there!!

And when the massacre happened...
It was a rush for life, for  death pierced so sharply and swiftly, it was bewilderment!
Each soul fighting with itself, rich n the poor, the one with so called class and the ones who were shabby but mostly had a heart of gold!
How it let the terror unfold...
No life jacket would do any good, but hope was what they all held onto!!!
The man who made the huge luxury, in remorse and shock, he stood thoughtful. . . What could have possibly gone wrong!
The captin of the ship.. in a state of astonishment, petrified by the agony that was caused. .
Many many lives searching their own..
Meanwhile a mother recites a story just like at any full moon bedtime, for her kids knew not of the danger n she was stabbed with her own pain..
A few musicians chose to still play the music of life..regardless of the fact that it won't last any longer,  with joy and fervour!
It finally did happen. .
Submerged into the vast ocean..lay many dead now!
And amidst the ice cold waters, they found a warm moment of love, of bliss..
Rose though lost her Jack..
But she never forget the Titanic. .cos she found and lost her life there!!!!

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