Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Escape Mechanism : not so cool!

" Every little effort;
No matter how tiny it may seem,
Adds to the larger world,
Makea you a stronger being"

Life has its share of every kind for each one of us. Isn't it funny how we lose ourselves to the mercy of our emotions. If it is a fulfilling satiated feeling, happiness then; being with your best people, chilling out, celebrating that zest of life.
And when there are darker times, the not so pleasent ones,  when life puts you down, it feels screwed up, going through drained relationships, stagnant jobs, indecisiveness and delimmas! Just when it gets a bit too much and you need a break off, of it all.
So where exactly I was coming to, in such a situation, what should one do? Gather the strength, try the bit or the easiest and the best "Escape Mechanism"!!!!
I am bewildered to find out how much and how often people use it and to what great extent. How can one just choose to ruin it all for a short term glory.
Not realizing the danger it holds, the potential this escapism stores to deter one unleashing his own true potential.
How convenient it seems to indulge into the wrong company, wasting your precious self - time and money both, in aimless activities, only to forget about the 'Reality'. But what saddens me more is that while you are busy leading a life that leads you to nowhere,  you lose  those who care. For once they did and showed,  now they won't or even if they do, they probably won't show! People who truly valued you would start to care less. Even God helps those, who help themselves.
No matter how tough the confrontations are, it's always better to have them;  it saves a lot of energy - emotional, physical and psychological. Talk your heart out to those who you can, hold onto them. Just to avoid the idea of "who's gonna take all the pain" to do it, please don't step back and evade. How so ever difficult it may be, talk, listen; forget and forgive  and move on with all the might and goodness!
Life stores its best for you, just give it your best.


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