Friday, April 1, 2016

Hemingway Love!

When assignments make you want to sit longer at your desk.
When you want to submit yourself to it as though this moment is where you belong.
When work starts to look like love.
When the weekdays stop demanding of a weekend.
When you are not looking for an escape.
When all you can find, are the perks of life!
When all you know of, is beyond definition.
When words surpass the need to be explained.
When readings are not to kill time.
When bliss is a whisk and an apron.
When contentment is but an understatement.

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

She (Part II)

"She is all things beautiful and all things messy!"
She is fair or dark, skinny or curvy, brown eyed or blue. What decides her beauty and who gets to decide these parameters? She wears her smile like a boss and her strength, enough to speak on its own. Maybe that is what beautiful is.
She is the red hot lipstick, smoky eyes and an LBD kind or she is the loose t-shirt and worn out pyajama kind. How do you know who's better? Who gives you the licence to declare anyway?!
She wears the saree and bangles and jhumka or she is the blue denim- white shirt sort! What makes you think the latter is modern and the former, traditional. And no, she's not trying to make a statement. I guess she feels comfortable in a 6 meter drape or maybe her skin feels at home in a denim. But you, don't you assume and claim!! She is smart enough and she knows it. About time, you realise it too.

She can marry at 25 or 35, because what do you mean by the right age? It is when she finds the right match.
For she is not looking for a man to complete her, she already is complete. She wants someone who'd love her and respect her for what she is.
She is a housewife, a homemaker, a stay at home mum or she works for a corporate! What makes you say who is more efficient?
If doing or not doing a job gets you to decide her worth, I feel sorry for you.
If she likes to make her house, a home, be it. If she likes to work for herself, be it.
If she aims to be the C. E.O of an MNC someday, be it. If she wants all of it, be it. If she wants nothing at all, be it.
Nobody though gives you the right to access *her* life.
Maybe she wants to take a sabbatical from all things far and near, from relationships that she seems to carry effortlessly. Being a wife, a daughter, a sister, a mother, a daughter-in-law and what not, have you ever thought she might have been missing the girl she was.
After all she is first a woman. Give her the freedom and I bet she'd be back home even before you begin to miss her.
She is fierce and independent and one hell of a free spirit. Stop trying to cage her with societal norms.
Ohh! Society???
She has tried aligning herself with the age old myths but sadly or not, her heart and head disapprove. Also, please don't call her a rebel, you don't get the right to label her.
And if it still makes you think she is a misfit and a non- confirmist, then be it. She doesn't give a damn, she will ignore your vicious efforts to belittle her. What a powerhouse of magic she is and her aura radiates like a divine something.
She is going to shine, despite. :)
She is all things beautiful and all things messy!

Happy Women's Day!! :)

Artwork : Heather Stillufsen

Sunday, March 6, 2016

She (Part 1)

Do you know that she loves the mountains?
She knows you're a water baby!

Do you know of her favourite salted caramel tart?
She knows you can't ever resist Creme Brule!

Do you know of other colours than pink that she's crazy about?
She knows you'd always choose grey, the darker one!

Do you know she likes her tea with a hint of mint and lemongrass?
She knows you need at least two shots in a cup of coffee!

Do you know she's even fond of the autumn, because she kind of likes a bit of gloom too.
She knows sun basking in the winters is your most awaited thing to do!

Do you know that she can't take the sight of her plants dying in the heat.
She knows what your books mean to you!

Do you know she's a bit possessive about you too,
She knows that you are for her!

Do you know of a few such things about her.. that make HER!
Because she knows a zillion things about you, maybe more than you know yourself. And then some more.