Saturday, April 26, 2014

Count your Blessings

The absence of a few people, sometime creates a void, which can't possibly be filled back again. It is a still space, longing for the close one, always taking respite in the long past wonderful memories.
Like a desert and a far fetched oasis, but mostly there's no water to quench your parched soul; it turns out to be an illusion, a mirage.
For some friendships and relationships, an inside is so confident that we'll see the time passing by together, through the thick and thin. Thus it takes yet another while to actually come to terms with the reality, which is nowhere close to how it was meant to be. It haunts you; devours a precious bit of you; leaves an indelible print on your life and perception and a trail of nostalgia to follow forever. We try and find our haven elsewhere, just to evade but guess what, 'that' was your haven, it doesn't remain the same anymore!
So what do we do now? Crib, cry, throw a fit and dwell down in the endless saga of sorrow and remorse!!!! Or maybe there's a better plan, make a move, undo and do right, if it works, things change for good, *Touch wood*!! Feel blessed.
But what if it doesn't? What if the other one has already let gone of you and that bond you swore by, doesn't really care; you move on too, with grace and strength.
Shed that heavy feeling of within, for once and for all. Cherish how beautifully it was meant to be. 
We can't have anything and everything till eternity, no matter how dear it is to us, relationships are no exception.
So it is best to live with, "it was only uptill then".
And who knows what Life has in store for you or me?
Count your blessings; and never forget that they are always growing!


Saturday, April 12, 2014

She found and lost her life there!!

And when the massacre happened...
It was a rush for life, for  death pierced so sharply and swiftly, it was bewilderment!
Each soul fighting with itself, rich n the poor, the one with so called class and the ones who were shabby but mostly had a heart of gold!
How it let the terror unfold...
No life jacket would do any good, but hope was what they all held onto!!!
The man who made the huge luxury, in remorse and shock, he stood thoughtful. . . What could have possibly gone wrong!
The captin of the ship.. in a state of astonishment, petrified by the agony that was caused. .
Many many lives searching their own..
Meanwhile a mother recites a story just like at any full moon bedtime, for her kids knew not of the danger n she was stabbed with her own pain..
A few musicians chose to still play the music of life..regardless of the fact that it won't last any longer,  with joy and fervour!
It finally did happen. .
Submerged into the vast ocean..lay many dead now!
And amidst the ice cold waters, they found a warm moment of love, of bliss..
Rose though lost her Jack..
But she never forget the Titanic. .cos she found and lost her life there!!!!

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Escape Mechanism : not so cool!

" Every little effort;
No matter how tiny it may seem,
Adds to the larger world,
Makea you a stronger being"

Life has its share of every kind for each one of us. Isn't it funny how we lose ourselves to the mercy of our emotions. If it is a fulfilling satiated feeling, happiness then; being with your best people, chilling out, celebrating that zest of life.
And when there are darker times, the not so pleasent ones,  when life puts you down, it feels screwed up, going through drained relationships, stagnant jobs, indecisiveness and delimmas! Just when it gets a bit too much and you need a break off, of it all.
So where exactly I was coming to, in such a situation, what should one do? Gather the strength, try the bit or the easiest and the best "Escape Mechanism"!!!!
I am bewildered to find out how much and how often people use it and to what great extent. How can one just choose to ruin it all for a short term glory.
Not realizing the danger it holds, the potential this escapism stores to deter one unleashing his own true potential.
How convenient it seems to indulge into the wrong company, wasting your precious self - time and money both, in aimless activities, only to forget about the 'Reality'. But what saddens me more is that while you are busy leading a life that leads you to nowhere,  you lose  those who care. For once they did and showed,  now they won't or even if they do, they probably won't show! People who truly valued you would start to care less. Even God helps those, who help themselves.
No matter how tough the confrontations are, it's always better to have them;  it saves a lot of energy - emotional, physical and psychological. Talk your heart out to those who you can, hold onto them. Just to avoid the idea of "who's gonna take all the pain" to do it, please don't step back and evade. How so ever difficult it may be, talk, listen; forget and forgive  and move on with all the might and goodness!
Life stores its best for you, just give it your best.


Friday, March 7, 2014

The Essence OF a Woman!

 The Essence Of a Woman

Of beauty...with brains!!
Of peace.. so pristine...
Of elegance... in endurance
Of glamour...yet the grace!
Of sagacity and sacrifice!
Of austerity an aura...
Of fire...ever fearless!
Of emotion...a deep enigma
Of responsibility...yet relished!
Of even simplcity
Heartfelt of hopes!
Happy...even when heart broken!
Of nostalgia n nobility!
of munificence n Majesty! the same time tearful
of vivacity n vitality!!
Yeah...she is the "Princess of Perfection"!!

Top of Form
Bottom of Form

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

The confession room!

With a heavy heart...
and a solemn soul!
As i step towards that....
"Confession Room"
With so many deeds to reveal..
all i did but thought
will always conceal...!!
So out of the way it seems
For someone to have concieved
this so beautifully!!!
"The Confession Room"
one place..
where only that one soul and the Divnie High!!

Everytime I visit the church this question always comes to my mind and I wonder in amazement, who could of possibly thought of such a pious idea! With all the love that we have inside us, we also at times intentionally or unintentionally hurt the ones we love the most, and yes a bit of us wants to scream out loud that what in the spur of the moment made me do that! and before one can really be sorry to that person in person, you can submit to the supreme power and let your emotions flow as they want to in "The Confession Room".