Tuesday, February 25, 2014

The confession room!

With a heavy heart...
and a solemn soul!
As i step towards that....
"Confession Room"
With so many deeds to reveal..
all i did but thought
will always conceal...!!
So out of the way it seems
For someone to have concieved
this so beautifully!!!
"The Confession Room"
one place..
where only that one soul and the Divnie High!!

Everytime I visit the church this question always comes to my mind and I wonder in amazement, who could of possibly thought of such a pious idea! With all the love that we have inside us, we also at times intentionally or unintentionally hurt the ones we love the most, and yes a bit of us wants to scream out loud that what in the spur of the moment made me do that! and before one can really be sorry to that person in person, you can submit to the supreme power and let your emotions flow as they want to in "The Confession Room".