Sunday, July 17, 2011

"Change is permanence"

Its remarkable how the age old cliched stills holds the same magic..for "Change is permanence"!
Most of the times its your destiny that plays its part...but at the same time it is as many similar times when its all your efforts job or what is reflected of your personality. 
Life can be unnerving and encouraging at the same time for the same thing. It is unbelievable though, the respite we take in, by saying or feeling that its just a'll pass away too because either we're really too optimistic about it or we portray to do so or may be we're scared to find out that it'll stay for long...really long!
However for good...easier..happier..simpler times we never want them to change. Its plain human nature...only natural for any person to wish and presume that comfort shall last may be forever or at least for his life! We urge for seasons of smiles and pray that it'll only be effortless to shine and beam.
Despite the odds that we face we never realize how the tables will turn soon. The Divine has a plan for every soul he has created and it will surely not be a bed of roses..!!!
"Suffering is inevitable...Pain is though avoidable" and we have to choose our share of the two.."Pain" or "Suffering"!!!
Desires...Desperation!! All are a part of being us.. But we eventually discover the beauty called "Life"!! That most of the times its not what you want....
"sometimes not so expected...sometimes just the way you want it"!!!