Saturday, April 26, 2014

Count your Blessings

The absence of a few people, sometime creates a void, which can't possibly be filled back again. It is a still space, longing for the close one, always taking respite in the long past wonderful memories.
Like a desert and a far fetched oasis, but mostly there's no water to quench your parched soul; it turns out to be an illusion, a mirage.
For some friendships and relationships, an inside is so confident that we'll see the time passing by together, through the thick and thin. Thus it takes yet another while to actually come to terms with the reality, which is nowhere close to how it was meant to be. It haunts you; devours a precious bit of you; leaves an indelible print on your life and perception and a trail of nostalgia to follow forever. We try and find our haven elsewhere, just to evade but guess what, 'that' was your haven, it doesn't remain the same anymore!
So what do we do now? Crib, cry, throw a fit and dwell down in the endless saga of sorrow and remorse!!!! Or maybe there's a better plan, make a move, undo and do right, if it works, things change for good, *Touch wood*!! Feel blessed.
But what if it doesn't? What if the other one has already let gone of you and that bond you swore by, doesn't really care; you move on too, with grace and strength.
Shed that heavy feeling of within, for once and for all. Cherish how beautifully it was meant to be. 
We can't have anything and everything till eternity, no matter how dear it is to us, relationships are no exception.
So it is best to live with, "it was only uptill then".
And who knows what Life has in store for you or me?
Count your blessings; and never forget that they are always growing!


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