Sunday, March 6, 2016

She (Part 1)

Do you know that she loves the mountains?
She knows you're a water baby!

Do you know of her favourite salted caramel tart?
She knows you can't ever resist Creme Brule!

Do you know of other colours than pink that she's crazy about?
She knows you'd always choose grey, the darker one!

Do you know she likes her tea with a hint of mint and lemongrass?
She knows you need at least two shots in a cup of coffee!

Do you know she's even fond of the autumn, because she kind of likes a bit of gloom too.
She knows sun basking in the winters is your most awaited thing to do!

Do you know that she can't take the sight of her plants dying in the heat.
She knows what your books mean to you!

Do you know she's a bit possessive about you too,
She knows that you are for her!

Do you know of a few such things about her.. that make HER!
Because she knows a zillion things about you, maybe more than you know yourself. And then some more.


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